Women Empowerment

A land having the distinction of boasting the world's largest number of professionally qualified women....
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Water & Ecology

We believes that water is central to all forms of live. It plays a vital role in sustaining the food....
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We work with local partners to help communities access safe water and sanitation....
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Women Empowerment

A land having the distinction of boasting the world's largest number of professionally qualified women is yet to ensure a life with dignity for the majority of its womenfolk!

India’s male to female ratio is an alarming 1000:933. Women form half of the country’s population, yet only about half of them are literate. Close to 1.5 lakh women become victims of various crimes annually, as per reported cases. Further, an estimated 5 crore women face mental and physical cruelty. Although, the legal marriageable age for a girl in India is 18 years, our girl child doesn’t have a say when she is going to be a woman!

Ironically enough, India has the distinction of having the world's largest number of professionally qualified women! India prides in having more women as doctors, surgeons, scientists and professors than the United States has. India is also proud of the Kalpana Chawalas, Indra Nooyis, P T Ushas, Sania Mirzas, Aishwarya Rais, Kiran Majumdar Shaws, Kiran Bedis, to name a few.

In order to make the women realize their inner strength and importance in the society, GARUD has taken a pledge to illuminate their lives with Pride and Dignity!

Women Empowerment Unit of GARUD aims to bring pride and dignity for our girl. At GARUD programme designed to enable women to realize their full potential in every sphere, be it home, office or community. This programme helps in enhancing the skills and information relevant to make them realize their self-esteem.

With the vast experience which has been developed by GARUD over a period of ___years. We have implemented various models of projects in the rural and urban areas of the State whereby we are ensuring that each project should contribute towards the development and empowerment of the fragile stakeholder group of our work i.e. women , adolescent girls , widow women. Under the women empowerment pedagogy GARUD has implemented various and worked around throughout the life cycle of women supporting their education , health , addressed special issues of women , supported the women to be a entrepreneur and compete in this competitive economic era jointly with man, provided training and capacity building support to the widow women. The model adopted by GARUD is a holistic solution to the various issues and challenges of women empowerment area. We at GARUD believe that merely supporting the women for raising the voice of women does not support their life hence we have created various support level solutions all around the life of women and girls so that a stage of overall development can be achieved. The following model of our work we have established in the various areas of the State....Read More ....

Water and Ecology

At GARUD , we believes that water is central to all forms of live. It plays a vital role in sustaining the food chain and thereby providing energy for each and every living organism; and this has led to an increase in demand of water. Matters are direr in arid regions, scarcity leads to a constant tug of war and conflicts among at both collective and individual levels. In rural landscapes, water is even more essential since it is related to earning a livelihood. The presence or absence of water determines whether the locals get a full meal, whether the kids go to school, and at times to forces the people to migrate.

Over a period of working in this vertical we developed the understanding that traditionally water has been treated as a precious by communities in arid regions and in it is common to find water resources being worshipped as a form of the divine. This culture of respect and communal ownership has been vital to the conservation of water and to the survival of desert communities. Unfortunately, with changing socio-economic circumstances, these traditional systems have come under severe and commons have been depleted by way of both use and misuse.

GARUD realizes the need the significance of educating local communities and building capacities and empowering them to manage their local water resources to the locals. This participatory approach combined with a focus on decentralizing water resources have borne rich fruits. GARUD has been able to employ it in regions across the district to ensure water security over multiple consecutive years of drought through redefining and strengthening means of Water Governance in various Districts of the State under PIM . The unit has demonstrated its capabilities for Improving the quality and access to drinking water and ensuring its judicious governance especially through Community organizations and Panchayati Raj Institutions. It is also concentrating on expansion and productivity improvement of dry land agriculture through water centred interventions like critical irrigation, soil moisture conservation and other water conservation measures. The following models of project have been undertaken under the water and ecology.


GARUD work with local partners to help communities access safe water and sanitation. And we use our experience and research to influence decision-makers to do more to provide these vital services. ”

We only use practical technologies and make sure the right skills exist in the community so they can keep them working long into the future.

By working with local partners we’re able to invest in the future of local communities so that they can continue the good work. This is an essential part of our work as we believe it is the most progressive and sustainable approach.

Yet the sheer scale of the crisis means that we can’t solve it alone. So we work with communities to influence governments and other service providers to prioritise safe water and sanitation.

The incredible generosity and commitment of all our supporters - individuals, institutions and companies - is behind everything we do.