About us

GARUD is an Indian Non-Governmental Organization registered under Society Act that has been carrying forward its mission since 1991. The aim of GARUD is to empower the communities by providing them support with capacity building , education , agriculture and water related support and other programs to create better health and lives of rural poor of the State.

GARUD came into being in 1989 as an institution that aimed to empower the disadvantaged -primarily women, through development and management of various projects aimed at developing and nurturing the quality of life of rural people . With time, the organization’s course had minor changes, constantly responding to evolving to socio-economic and ecological complexities of Gujarat, especially Tribal areas of the State .

The organization is working also to provide the underprivileged of the society with equal opportunities of learning in the formative years of their lives.

Tribal areas of the State has witnessed lack of industrialisation and agricultural issues ; these factors have been the primary drivers of rapid degradation of commons in the last decade. These factors have led to loss of traditional commons based livelihoods and marginalization of some specific communities.

This has nudged the GARUD to focus on strengthening the lives of rural people and support the initiatives which contribute and governance; and revival of agri based livelihood systems. GARUD works in partnership with other like-minded organizations and local communities. It has identified five thematic areas that need attention; namely Women Empowerment , Water and Ecology , Sanitation and Agriculture ; and has established specialized units to work on them.

Today GARUD works across the state of Gujarat and has earned itself the recognition of being one of the foremost civic society institutions in the country. GARUDs expertise is widely recognized and its also provides knowledge and technical support to organizations across Gujarat.

To further its vision, GARUD has also been actively involved in conducting training workshops for widow women of the State . These workshops have addressed important income and skill building related issues . GARUD has also undertaken prestigious projects with rural communities In various Districts , such as 'Participatory irrigation management ', 'Check dam construction ', 'Urban Sanitation etc Through all of its efforts, GARUD is proud to have impacted the lives of over xyz Women and Girls and XYZ number of farmers across gujarat.